Sunday, 10 October 2010


Been a while since we've updated the store blog.

Twisted Hunt was a HUGE success and we had a blast doing it. Unfortunately, I got so wrapped up in the hunt and putting new products out during the hunt, that I neglected keeping the blog up to date.

There are dozens of new outfits and shoes available in store now. Too many to even try to list here. So, I'll just hit some highlights.

Our new shoes come with HUDs that are full color and gradient palette enabled. This means you can perfectly match any skin tone or nail polish. The HUD also has a built in resizer on it. Our shoes also come with options for viewer 2.0 and compatible TPVs (the alpha foot layer) as well as invisi-prims for those using viewers that do not support the alpha foot layer.

We recently added a lovely dress that is reminiscent of the 1950's, and matching shoes of course. Definitely worth looking into if you like vintage attire.

Make sure to be in the store group, too! Once we are caught up on updating our products, we are going to start having department wide sales (for instance, all lingerie on sale).

ANNOUNCEMENT: For blog followers only - for the next week (10/10/10 thru 10/17/10), buy any "Soda Jerk's Girl" complete outfit at regular price (850L$), IM me and tell me what name you follow the blog under, and you'll get a second Soda Jerk's Girl outfit of your choice for free.