Monday, 16 August 2010

Twisted Hunt

It's official, Reality Designs and Reality Couture will be part of this fall's Twisted Hunt! We are working on a special outfit that will only be available to Twisted Hunters and only available during the hunt - when the hunt is over, the outfit will be gone. If you aren't familiar with the Twisted Hunt, it is the premier grid-wide hunt on SL, the one that started the craze of hunts and still the best. Be sure to join the Twisted Hunt group so you can get all the tips on finding the gifts and hear where the best stuff is (yes, and make sure to tell everyone about the awesome stuff at Reality Designs and Reality Couture!). The hunt starts September 1, 2010.

In other news, we've put some new stuff out in the store. For example, the Gothic Lace Corset sets:

This set comes in your choice of eleven stunning colors overlaid with black gothic lace. Multiple layers for each piece gives you outstanding versatility in how you wear this sexy bit of lingerie.

Stop by today and pick up your new naughtywear!

Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Updates on the store...

Well, summer is coming to an end here in the States, vacations and picnics are winding down. Gearing up for the great "back to school" annual event!

We just got back from a small vacation to celebrate our real life anniversary (11 years married!). It was super hot. While hubby was out in the heat with a fishing pole in hand, I stayed in the nice cool cabin and came up with 178 clothing items. So stay tuned to the blog and the store group for upcoming releases!

*RD* Rizzo Dresses

A throwback to the 50's with a nod to "Grease", the Rizzo Outfits are versatile, pretty and inexpensive, costing less than you would pay for just the shoes in most shops.
The outfits come with two tops (one with the scarf, one without), pants and a prim skirt (resize scripted). In addition, you get a stunning pair of color change shoes that come with 12 straps colors (you can change the toe and ankle straps independently to get greater variety), the heels and soles come with 8 metal options (heel and sole can be changed independantly) and 37 nailpolish choices (read the enclosed notecard for instructions on getting the most out of your shoes).
All of this for only 450L$ (the wild print pantsuit is onlny 375L$).