Wednesday, 11 August 2010

*RD* Rizzo Dresses

A throwback to the 50's with a nod to "Grease", the Rizzo Outfits are versatile, pretty and inexpensive, costing less than you would pay for just the shoes in most shops.
The outfits come with two tops (one with the scarf, one without), pants and a prim skirt (resize scripted). In addition, you get a stunning pair of color change shoes that come with 12 straps colors (you can change the toe and ankle straps independently to get greater variety), the heels and soles come with 8 metal options (heel and sole can be changed independantly) and 37 nailpolish choices (read the enclosed notecard for instructions on getting the most out of your shoes).
All of this for only 450L$ (the wild print pantsuit is onlny 375L$).

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