Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Store Updates

We have recently joined InWorldZ and will be putting a shop on this grid. Look for the same great items from Reality Designs and Reality Couture on that grid.

Not out in stores yet but up-coming soon, we have a playful set of clothes for men and women that go hand in hand. The 1970's Pimp Daddy outfit featuring full length, mod perm, men's leopard print pants and a black short-sleeve shirt with a leopard print under shirt, leopard print prim cuffs and prim collar (resize scripted). And what's a pimp without something to pimp?

There is a line of Disco Mama minidresses in some 70's-licious disco sequin textures in flashy colors for the ladies. Perfect for that flashback party, a retro look or...walking the dark streets looking for a john. Watch for this to hit the store soon.

Ruffled Minidress Line

The Ruffled MiniDress Series, shown here in Hunter Green. This is a great little dress that can be a casual or clubbing dress. It is an inexpensive dress that lets you step out in style without forking over a lot of cash.
Available in a huge variety of colors (and custom colors available on request) this really is a perfect addition to your wardrobe on SL.

Monday, 26 July 2010

Beautiful Death

I decided that my first item to share on here would be one of my personal favorites; the Beautiful Death Gown.

Some years back when I first started building in SL (before I had ever learned about clothing) a very dear friend of mine was bemoaning the lack of quality goods for the Vampire and Gothic crowds. I was inspired to create my Eternity Casket line (living room and bedroom furniture all crafted to look like they were made from caskets) as a result.

Now that my product line has expanded to include clothing, it only seemed fitting to take my interest in providing quality items of this nature into the attire realm, too.

Beautiful Death is based on the Majesty line of dresses (also available at Reality Designs and Reality Couture). The skirts have ultra-smooth flexi. I normally can't stand the way full size prim skirts move but these are just so smooth they act like actual fabric. In addition to the flexi attributes, these skirts also use alpha and transparency but have almost imperceptible alpha glitch issues (excluding collisions with non-worn alpha/transparency objects).

The fabric on this outfit was done using multiple layers and some custom tools and methodology to create the gradual flow from blood red to black-red on the skirt.

To show my appreciation to the blog followers, for the next week (7-25-10 thru 8-02-10) anyone who is following this blog and purchases this dress can receive a 100L$ rebate by dropping me a notecard in-world (after purchase) with the purchase details and the name/email addy you use to follow this blog. Please name the notecard RD Rebate - Beautiful Death


Welcome to the Reality Designs Blog

Hello and welcome to the Reality Designs Blog. Intentions of this blog are, primarily, to post updates to new releases in our SecondLife Store. There may be the occasional editorial post on various issues as they relate to the store, our products and the industry in general.

Currently we have dozens of clothing and furniture items to choose from, and typically add more every week.

We do not use freebie animations in our builds and we use a sit script (instead of poseballs) which cuts back on prims while allowing us to offer numerous animations per build.

Our clothing line offers something for almost everyone and most of our attire is exceptionally inexpensive. We also have Wonder Chairs and an MM Board, as well as gift boxes littering the store with freebies in them.

Join the store group (search: Reality Designs) to keep up-to-date on new releases and be informed of our sales and special discounts (typically our new releases are marked down for at least an hour when they go out in the store - but only group members are alerted to the new releases).

Being a blog follower will also entitle you to special discounts and rebates on select items.

We do custom orders as well, and prices vary depending on the request and what will be involved in creating it.


DISCLAIMER: Some images posted on this blog may include exposed avatar body parts. While this is not a nude body, it does represent a body and some may be offended. Likewise we sell adult natured items in our store, our store is located on an adult sim - please be aware of this before proceeding.